^My Endorphin Ryeowook^

Ryeowook Evolution? =,=

He is my endorphins. My inspiration. Someone who can make me laugh. He can always change a bad day into a day full of laughter. Whatever he does, especially when he’s being silly, sometimes makes me want to kidnap him, whoa … this is a crime right? kekeke…
but I can not help myself to stop doing fangirling every time I saw him.
When he cries, why do I cry?
I have no idea why i am being like this?
What i do know is I don’t like when he’s hurt, because it’s also going to hurt me, humm…
And no matter what I do every day, always ended with my activities that i noticed him.
This is driving me crazy.



11 thoughts on “^My Endorphin Ryeowook^

  1. ihhhhh~~~~ ko ada golloum disitu? kkkkkkkk
    Wookie make me damn-crazy too, nee-chan, he got it!!!
    ryeowook emang imutmutmut kebangetan, kadang bikin ilfil juga sih, apalagi kalo Miku liat SNL, ommmo woook -.-
    but, he is still remain in my heart 😀
    Hyora-nee-chan, d^^b

  2. Yesss… He’s my inspiration too… A several years ago, my friends tell me that i looks a little weird because make ryeowook (and yesung) as my bias. They asked me, why not Siwon? or Donghae? or another member? and i aksed them, why do you like Siwon? my friends said, “because he is very handsome”. I smiled, “may be ryeowook is not as handsome as Siwon, but i love him. He is very adorable, very cute, and his voice… is very amazing… he can be his self in every moment… and i proud to make him as my bias.”
    Ryeowook jjang!! Super Junior, jjang!!!

    1. Hahaha…same with me, even all of my friend ask me why i like him so much, there;s no reason, since i know about suju, i fell in love with him instantly, and the more I know abut him, the more I love that boy kim ryeowook..

      i love his voice, personality, all about him,keke..^^

  3. i agree with you hyora-ah ^_^ !!
    memang tidak ada alasan kenapa kita mencintai dia, karena tiba” rasa itu datang dengan sendiri’a
    #ahhBahasaGua.. :p

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